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  • Support on mobiles is what your customer needs

    12 May, 2015

    by Angie Zampona

    mobile support

    Multichannel solutions have grown increasingly mobile and consumers have begun to use their cell phones for almost everything. Should a customer want to contact a company or get any sort of information, they have the world at their fingertips.

    Question about a company’s product? They Google it on their phones.

    Question directed toacompany? They send a message on Twitter.

    Customerswant to comment about something? They send a picture of it on Snapchat and then call a friend to talk about it.

    Mobile is the king and it is only going to grow

    Companies should invest time in up-keeping their image on all fronts and make it easy for phone users. There is nothing more disappointing, from a consumer point of view,than an unprofessional company, and nothing so unprofessional as making people wanderthrough poor design and poor communication on any platform.

    What’s more, the number of people depending on their mobiles is only going to grow. According to the Harvard Business Review, 61% of people have smart phones and 40% of low income adults use mostly the internet on their phones. When your choice is between a computer and a phone with internet that has almost the same capabilities (communication-wise), people are going to choose their phones.

    According to Bloomberg Business, people spend more time staring at their TV screens and more time checking Facebook on their phones than checking their computers even when they have all available. It’s simply impossible to pass up the convenience.

    The demand for transparency in communication

    However, with the advent of mobiles, another element comes into the game: it’s easy to see what a company is sayingat any given time.

    Consumers are accustomed to a free flow of information and react with derision and anger when this freedom is taken from them. In the same fashion, companies who act secretlyare viewed upon with suspicion and those who openly interact with the public are celebrated.Simply sticking totheir word and providing responsive customer service is usually more than enough.

    For a client of ours, a global leader in the payment services industry, we implemented social media monitoring on Facebook. The company had never used social media for customer care and was experiencing a rather challenging reputation.

    Within the first month of our partnership, we integrated the social media support channel (24/7), including the development of standard answers in nine languages, clear procedures for escalation while adhering to the service level standard of one hour. These efforts led to increased brand recognition for the company and positive social media postings recognizing the fast responses.


    Another example, Amazon’s success grew from a strong customer system that quickly responded to complaints: email, phone, twitter, reddit, etc. They were available on all channels, at all times, and navigated through complaints and confusion with grace. As a result, it’s easy to find comments on all sort of media channels that promote a company and talk about how good it is.

    After all, it’s the beginning of an era where transparency and quick responses are rewarded.

    Angie Zampona

    Angie Zampona is a Content Writer at TELUS International Europe


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