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  • Defining Social Media Monitoring and how it works

    May 28, 2014

    by Grégoire VIGROUX

    Social Media MarketingWhen it comes to social media, companies have become not only more visible than ever before, but also more vulnerable. One single negative mention online can pose a real threat to a company since it can quickly escalate to millions of views, comments, likes, shares and tweets.

    Fortunately, there is a method of protection which can help you counter negative reviews before they damage your reputation.  It’s called Social Media Monitoring – and, as a contact center provider, it’s something we’re often asked to do at TELUS International Europe for several of our outsourcing clients.

    What is Social Media Monitoring?

    Social media monitoring consists of real time detection of mentions of your company, brand, products or services on blogs, forums and a range of social media. By actively watching posts, mentions of a particular brand are detected in real time before they have a chance to spread.

    In most cases, our customer service agents use predefined answers to reply to complaints and other issues. Detection is automatic and is carried out through various ‘listening’ applications such as HootSuite or Sysomos which monitor mentions from a predefined keyword list. Once occurrences are discovered and handled, a report is created. This is designed to evaluate the general sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) of posts involving the brand.

    In extreme cases if a user posts an offensive and groundless criticism, the customer service agents have the option to report it as ‘abuse’ of the respective social network and delete the interaction.  But the decision to delete negatives posts should be weighed carefully against causing further backlash.  Social media is an open forum. As a result, at times, brands are better served dealing with the complaint in the public channel to show customers that the company takes negative comments seriously.

    How would you classify the urgency of a reaction to a negative mention on the internet?

    There is no need to answer every person who mentions your brand online. The key triggers for intervention are mentions of serious issues and complaints, as well as the size of the complainant’s network. When needed, a negative mention should be followed up with solid facts and courteous explanations.

    Can Social Media Monitoring have other uses, besides tracking down negative mentions?

    It would be wrong to assume that Social Media Monitoring can only act as an online ‘insurance policy’ on the web by providing real-time answers to unsatisfied clients. It is not only a ‘PR’ function.

    It is important to thank users who post positive remarks about your brand on social networks. This ‘thank you’ will remind them that you listen to and appreciate your customers. In turn, happy customers should be encouraged to show their satisfaction online – these your brand advocates, your best advertisers!

    Social Media Monitoring is also used for business intelligence.  It enables companies to keep track of industry trends, news, and customers, including the ability to follow top news sites and influential blogs. Social Media Monitoring is also a great means of tracking your competitors.


    Social media offers a tremendous opportunity to track and support your brand’s e-reputation. And, as several of our clients would attest, it’s also a great channel for offering dedicated customer support. Check out the whitepaper below “Benchmarking Social Media Customer Service” to learn best practices for customer service on social media, including which brands are doing social media customer care the best.

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