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  • Our Commitment to Caring Culture Brings Positive Change in Bulgaria and Romania with TELUS Day of Giving

    Many people view CSR as a fad, or a way of responding to society’s expectations.  We at TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS live the  philosophy of “we give where we live,” not for the sake of building corporate image, but with the sole purpose of making a difference in a world that needs people to care for each other more than ever.

    TELUS Day of Giving in Bulgaria and Romania Held for the First Time

    We were very happy to hold the first TELUS Day of Giving (TDOG) organized for the first time in Bulgaria and Romania on September 14, 2013 and September 21, 2013 respectively. Now as part of the TELUS International family our commitment to CSR is among our top priorities. About 300 team members in Sofia, Bulgaria and 120 in Bucharest, Romania donated one of their weekend days to make happy their fellow citizens by making a difference in their lives. President of TELUS International, Jeffrey Puritt, served as a good example by taking active part in both TDOG events.

    The event in Bulgaria

    Day of Giving in Bulgaria

    Day of Giving in Bulgaria

    Just a day before the start of the school year in Bulgaria, on September 14, with the cooperation of the I Can Too association, our team members from Sofia and Plovdiv gathered together to refurbish the School for Blind Children Louis Braille in Sofia. For a couple of hours we manage to repaint the school fence, renovate the grass fields and gardens and freshen up the classrooms. This small investment of time and effort on our side translated into a many happy hours for the students attending the school. You can see the video for the TELUS Day of Giving in Bulgaria here.

    The Event in Romania

    Day of Giving in Bulgaria

    Day of Giving in Bulgaria

    In Romania our teams from Bucharest and Craiova, with the cooperation of the Romanian Red Cross, refurbished the Ciresarii orphanage in Bucharest by cleaning, repainting and renovating it. A team of 120 volunteers made the kids’ home more colorful, fun and pleasant to live in. Our one day contribution at the orphanage accounts for a total of 1000 working hours and infinite smiles for the children. You can see the video for the TELUS Day of Giving in Romania here.

    Day of Giving in Romania

    Day of Giving in Romania


    Every Effort Counts 

    Going back to the message at the beginning of the article, the actions of painting and gardening may seem insignificant by themselves, but when people join forces and when there are organizations to unite them around a socially responsible activity, painting and gardening may bring positive change in the lives of those that really need it.


    More CSR Initiatives

    Day of Giving in Romania

    Day of Giving in Romania

    The TELUS Day of Giving is one of many volunteer activities that our company organizes throughout the year. Others blood donation in the offices in Bucharest and Craiova, Casiopeea Race for breast cancer awareness and fundraising, Tree Planting Event in Romania, etc. Inspired and enthusiastic, our team is looking forward to next year’s TDOG event to make a difference in the communities where we live, work and serve!

    Check out the vidos of the events!

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