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  • Making a difference with blood donation

    In April, 60 TELUS International Europe employees actively participated in a blood donation campaign. The CSR campaign was rolled out in both Bucharest (on April 19) and Craiova (April 26). Both parts of the campaign were made possible by the support of our partners – the Red Cross (Bucharest, sector 5), the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre and the Norwegian Red Cross. Many Romanian journalists were present on the two days. Our team was interviewed by several TV channels, including Pro TV, the top TV channel in Romania, for its evening news.

    At TELUS International Europe, we are happy to have collected blood for patients, because giving blood saves lives – especially in Romania, where hospitals suffer from a lack of blood donations. We learned that one single donation can be split into three separate quantities, helping save or improve the lives of three patients! And just three teaspoons of blood can save the life of a premature baby.

    This noble cause has shown once again that we at TELUS International Europe can make a difference, by “giving where we live”.

    Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a top priority. It is a fundamental part of our culture, which strives to embed our brand in the hearts and minds of our customers, team members, community partners and shareholders.

    In 2013, we will maintain our partnership with the Red Cross in Europe and continue to expand our CSR programs globally with our TELUS International family!

    Blood donation campaign Bucharest


    Picture: From left to right: Alina Comanescu, Communication Manager at TELUS International Europe; Svein Arne Corneliussen, Regional Coordinator at the Norwegian Red Cross; Grégoire Vigroux, Director at TELUS International Europe; and Ana Ungureanu, President of the Red Cross (Sector 5).

    Blood donation campaign Bucharest 2

    Picture: Marilena Baciu-Antonescu, agent at TELUS International Europe, on the Pro TV evening news.

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