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  • Let’s talk about games at gamescom in Cologne!

    July 22, 2015

    By Stefan Abadzhiev


    Gamescom descending upon Cologne

    With gamescom coming up in two weeks in Cologne, Germany, August 5 to 9, we’ve got games on our minds! We are very excited about this year’s event as we are now happy to share with you that we have extended our games services.

    We have leveled up our skills and capabilities to further boost our clients’ performance in their own game plan. Our specialized portfolio of services for games companies now includes:

    1. Player support

    2. Game testing

    3. Games localization

    Our slogan, we speak games in 40 languages relates to our multilingual capability, while our credo – players serving players is among our main differentiators in the industry.

    We are excited to meet our current and potential partners at this year’s gamescom and talk about how we can help you provide ultimate player experience, go bug free or conquer new territories!

    You are busy we get it, but you are missing a big opportunity!

    Game publishers have a massive opportunity right now. Game players, particularly in the F2P sector, may not expect the best customer experience. As the industry becomes increasingly fragmented and competitive, smart game studios can extend their game lifecycle and improve the value of their brand by providing better service.

    We don’t want to sound overconfident, but we know a thing or two about games thanks to our experience built upon our 4,000 game enthusiasts supporting in 40 languages five of the most highly recognized global games brands with a total of over 400 million monthly active users.

    Let’s meet and talk about games! We know exactly how to make customer support work in this sector!


    Check out our new website dedicated to our services for games companies  – http://telusinternational-europe.com/games/


    Stefan Abadzhiev is a Senior Sales Manager – Games at TELUS International Europe





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