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  • eBook: Unfolding the future of the contact center outsourcing industry

    March 10, 2015

    By Boryana Yordanova


    As we approach the 10th anniversary of our company, TELUS International Europe decided to reflect on the future of our industry, identifying the latest industry trends that point to its transformation.

    In our latest piece of content, the eBook The future of the contact center outsourcing industry, we touch on the top 5 differences that according to us will shape our industry in the future.

    Once upon a time…

    When the outsourced contact center industry started to flourish it was all about cost cutting for companies. Now, it’s much more; it’s about how contact centers can play a vital role improving customer journeys and adding value to the overall customer experience. Outsourced contact centers are positioned for change – ready to act as strategic partners to the brands that they serve.

    We don’t have a crystal ball but from where we sit as providers of customer care outsourcing serving some of the world’s largest and most respected brands, we can draw from our firsthand experience to predict several big trends that will shape outsourcing in the years ahead.

    What is certain, however, is that a contractors’ search for a low-cost service provider delivering immediate gain will gradually fade, giving way to a more strategic model of outsourcing focused on adding value while delighting customers.

    Unfolding the future…

    Welcome to a contact center outsourcing world in which internationalization, multilingualism and industry specialization take precedence over small, local and monolingual structures; where corporate culture meets Generation Y; and where the key players are no longer “phone factories” but experts in customer relations, acting as true consultants and sources of innovation.

    Grab the eBook by clicking on the banner below. We welcome your thoughts!


    Boryana Yordanova is a Senior Content Marketing Expert at TELUS International Europe

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