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  • Customer Support – a Game Changer in the Gaming Industry

    The gaming industry is flourishing as more and more users are attracted to the various mobile, video, console and online games. Now, the online games are positioned as the favorite channel for gamers as online gaming enables playing anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

    Gamer PlayingPredicted to grow to $82 billion by 2017 (Source: Forbes), the global gaming market is forecasted to become more and more competitive. In terms of monetization, of the 400 million multiplayer online game players across the globe, 220 million did not spend money. The remaining 180 million constitute “paying” players that have an active subscription, pay once, or purchase the game through a retailer (Source: PC Gamer).

    Understanding players (whether paid or free-to-play) means understanding how to maximize return on game development and potentially convert non-paying players into a loyal revenue base.

    Expand Your Horizons

    The gaming industry is not only booming, but it is also changing.

    Customer service is often a secondary concern for studios because development, design and launch of a game are the ones driving up the numbers. As a result, in terms of customer support gamers are often disappointed. Their high expectations are not met as studios still view players as commodity even though the need for customer support 24/7 is there and gamers don’t have the patience to wait when an issue arises.

    Forward-thinking studios realize that providing exceptional customer interactions, alongside popular games, can directly impact the bottom line.

    Opportunities are Around the Corner

    As it becomes increasingly difficult for game developers to generate and sustain brand loyalty, customer support is the opportunity holding the potential to level you up in the gaming business.

    Why moving the implementation of customer support up in your priority list?

    In your business equation do not miss to factor that satisfaction is linked to revenue-producing behaviors, including the probability of the player to purchase online or offline. A growing player base requires happy players who are likely to recommend the game to other prospective players.

    Customer support will provide you more real-time interactions with players which is another channel for getting valuable and timely feedback on your product. You’ll demonstrate that you really “get” your audience and value their customer experience which ideally will transfer into brand loyalty. All these potential benefits may result in creating a bond with players and increase the likelihood to recommend your product.

    To learn more on the topic of customer support in the gaming industry check out our article The Top 6 Guiding Principles in Implementing Customer Service for Gamers

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