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  • Is Customer Service Outsourcing Growing Up?

    December 10 2013

    By Jeffrey Puritt, President of TELUS International, a global business process outsourcer.

    This article is based on joint research with the Everest Group: Eight Habits of Highly Ineffective Outsourcing Relationships.

    Customer service outsourcing

    Customer service outsourcing is maturing

    The customer service outsourcing industry is in the midst of a maturation period. Outsourcing relationships are leaving the awkward teenage years and beginning to form more sophisticated and durable bonds with their partners.

    Look Who’s Talking

    Customer support has come a long way from the birth of early call centers and their infamously buggy and decidedly customer-unfriendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

    Now early outsourcing adopters are realizing that achieving cost savings and process efficiencies at the expense of customer satisfaction and loyalty, also known as revenue erosion, was probably not a good trade.

    Leaving the Nest

    Similar to those adult children who just can’t seem to leave their parents’ home, many partnerships need that extra boost to transition to maturity. The first step for most is recognizing the signs of a stalled relationship.

    Early warning signals include a consistent decline in customer satisfaction scores. Companies that find themselves in this position will need to be sure they are using the same performance metrics as their partners.

    Read the full article on TELUS International blog to learn more analysis and insights on the evolution of customer service outsourcing.

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