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  • TELUS International Europe’s Partnership with the Romanian Red Cross Continues

    One of the things that we most value at TELUS International Europe our caring culture of contributing to the communities in which we live, work and serve. Our latest CSR activity took place in Romania with our partners from the Romanian Red Cross. Our partnership with them started on April 19 with the blood donation campaign “If the blood means life”, the donations signify hope. Many TELUS International Europe employees participated in this campaign, thus the Bucharest and Craiova hospitals suffering from blood scarcity received blood supplies.

    Small Contribution that Counts  

    Romanian Red Cross

    Our sustainable partnership with the Romanian Red Cross continued with a donation of 6 tables, 12 chairs and a foosball with the purpose of supporting the logistics of the Red Cross. As only volunteers help the NGO, the Romanian Red Cross was very happy to receive this donation made on June 4. A thank you letter was also sent to TELUS International Europe as a sign of appreciation.

    A Blood Donation Can Save 3 Lives and We Know It

    We also actively continue to participate in the blood donation campaign. To promote it 1000 flyers will be distributed in 4 subway stations in Bucharest, Romania. Also a banner with the logos of TELUS International Europe, the Red Cross and the moto of the campaign: “A donation will save 3 lives!” will be donated by TELUS International Europe.This project was launched simultaneously with the Red Cross’ 150th anniversary.

    We’ll continue to work with the Romanian Red Cross on various projects,which will be part of the TELUS Day of Giving campaign. TELUS International Europe will continue to expand its CSR activities globally with the collaboration of our partners from the TELUS International family!

    Some of TELUS International Europe’s CSR activities include: Waste Office Week annual event encouraging recycling at the office, Casiopeea Race for breast cancer awareness and fundraising, Blood donation in the offices in Bucharest and Craiova, Tree Planting Event in Romania etc.

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