TELUS International Europe Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Acknowledgment for the TELUS Day of Giving Initiative - TELUS International Europe
  • TELUS International Europe Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Acknowledgment for the TELUS Day of Giving Initiative

    December 2 2013

    Gregoire Vigroux

    TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS was honored with the prestigious acknowledgement for Price Social Responsibility by the French-Romanian chamber of commerce (CCIFER) on its annual gala on November 29 in Bucharest, Romania.

    It is an honor for us to be given this recognition by one of the most important business associations in Romania. The CCIFER has over 400 company members that represent 120,000 employees and a turnover of 20 billion EUR.

    CCIFER Gala

    CCIFER Gala

    TELUS Day of Giving Event Awarded

    The CCIFER jury awarded CallPoint for the ‘TELUS Day of Giving’ corporate social responsibility event that took place in Bucharest on September 21, 2013. With the cooperation of the Romanian Red Cross, TELUS International Europe’s employees refurbished the Ciresarii II Center for abused children located in Ferentarii, Bucharest. Our team cleaned, repainted and renovated the center, which is a home for 50 children, aged 3-18, most of which are orphans or have been violated.

    A team of 120 TELUS International Europe volunteers made the kids’ home more colorful, fun and pleasant place to live in. Our one-day contribution at the orphanage accounts for a total of 1,000 working hours, 600 liters of paint and infinite smiles for the children. The action of painting may seem insignificant by itself, but it showed that when we all join forces as a team painting may bring positive change in the lives of those who really need it. In the end of the day we distributed 100 gifts to the children. The presents were donated by our team members in Bucharest and Craiova.

    Our Support Continues

    As the children of Ciresarii II Center need help and affection more than once a year, we’ll be organizing regular activities to make their lives more pleasant.

    On November 19 in partnership with the UFE association, we have organized a Magic Show for the kids. The famous magician, Fred Fogherty, made a one-hour show for the children at the center. Also, on November 30, in partnership with the French Institute, in order bring the Christmas spirit to the children we’ve invited them to a Christmas movie screening and we’ll surprise them with Christmas gifts.

    Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a top priority for us as it is a fundamental part of our corporate culture and defines who we are. Our company philosophy – we give where we live – is about TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS and our team members making a difference in the places where we live, work and serve.

    Check out the vidos of the events!

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