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  • Business process improvement is the new driver for innovation

    July 16, 2014

    InnovationIncreasingly companies begin to realize that just transferring their processes to an outsourced contact center provider is not enough for delivering excellence in customer service. Contact centers, on their part, have also done their homework.

    The next generation of contact centers will need a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses and have the capability to drive innovation and transform the processes outsourced to them for the better. In other words, contact centers will not only execute the existing work procedures, but they’ll also bring added value, through the implementation of Business Process Improvement.

    What is Business Process Improvement?

    Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the vehicle for delivering value through the application of various measurement and analysis techniques in designing and managing operational processes using recognized process improvement methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Process Management.

    Using TELUS International Europe’s BPI services as an example some of the key elements of Business Process Improvement include:

    –          Providing rigorous Voice of the customer analysis to determine client’s key process outputs

    –          Not just lifting client’s existing processes into the contact centers but providing resources, support and knowledge to transform processes as required

    –          Developing a Contact Centre Outsourcing Blueprint for client’s programs that standardizes our process management activities across all TELUS International center regardless of geography

    –          Empowering and encouraging agents to be active participants in transforming and improving processes for the clients

    Here are some results that we at TELUS International Europe achieved for some of our clients illustrating the value-added from Business Process Improvement. For a telecommunications company we increased the user satisfaction with a technical support programme by 20%. In the financial service sector we increased first call resolution rate by 23%. For a utility we increased sales conversion in online by 7%.

    Gone are the days when the major reason for outsourcing was cost reduction. These days outsourcing has the ability to expand the horizons of the organization to new capabilities and expertise. What is more important, it provides a platform for innovation that can transform how things are done.

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