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  • How to Attract Generation Y to Come Work for You? Part 1

    March 26, 2014

    Generation YGeneration Y, those born between 1980 and 2000, are seen as a game-changing force both as employees and as consumers. Why is that?

    1.  As employees Generation Y accounts to a huge segment of today’s workforce.

    2. As customers Generation Y is heading towards their peak earning years, controlling and influencing a lot of spending.

    Crucial differentiator of Generation Y as employees compared to other generations is that that for them job is not just about earning a paycheck. It’s about capturing their hearts and minds via a culture that mirrors their personal values, wants and beliefs.

    TELUS International, a global provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and contact center solutions, managed to transform their business process so as to respond to the unique characteristics and expectations of Generation Y which resulted in many Gen Yers staying in the company up to seven years because they feel the workplace is designed for them.

    You are now probably wondering how TELUS International managed to achieve that. To answer that question in the next few posts we’ll be sharing with you best practices on attracting and retaining Generation Y employees. Here are the major points we’ll touch upon:

    1.       Communicate in ways that Gen Y will listen, and encourage them to contribute to the dialogue.

    2.       Give Gen Y more flexibility and control over their daily work and long-term careers.

    3.       Transform recruitment, training and quality management to take advantage of Gen Y’s natural abilities.

    4.       Revamp retention programs to align to Gen Y’s core values.

    5.       Clearly set expectations on career progression, especially given Gen Y’s desire for quick advancement.

    1. Communicate in ways that Generation Y will listen

    Generation Y, also called Millennials, prefers communicating through texts and social media. Often Millennials won’t read long, text-heavy emails, especially if the content does not pertain specifically to them. At the same time, companies need to be careful about what they communicate to Millennials, who are often quick to share via social media and discuss with friends.

    To make corporate messages stick, and to ensure security, TELUS International is building an internal social network called T.Life that is becoming the backbone for corporate communications and many important agent activities. Check out what T.Life is in this video.

    T.Life is becoming the go-to source for company information. Not only is it the place to “work socially,” but T.Life allows agents to see open positions, make referrals, monitor their performance, chat with management and supervisors, take surveys, provide feedback, post comments and pictures, arrange car pools, etc.!

    Progressive customer service organizations are already making changes to the way they interact with the new generation – Millennials, who are not just their customers, but are also their employees.

    Stay tuned for part 2 of the series how to attract Generation Y to come work for you.

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