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  • How to minimize attrition rate at your contact center?

    Note: The below blog post contains excerpts from “Defining and Discussing Contact Center Attrition – with Everest Group,” sponsored by TELUS International. 

    As the link between contact center attrition rates and the effectiveness of contact center outsourcing services is gradually becoming stronger contact center outsourcing (CCO) providers have evolved their thinking on contact center operations. In this article we will focus on the levers that can minimize attrition rates at contact centers. 

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    A study of the market shows CCO providers pulling several key levers in today’s CCO market to curb attrition rates and ensure the strength of customer service teams. Some CCO service providers deploy a large number of levers, while others invest heavily in certain levers they feel create the most impact. Below we capture some of the top levers CCO buyers and service providers utilize in today’s market context.

    Hiring and staffing practices

    – Setting appropriate expectations with candidates about roles and work environment upfront

    – Effective assessment of candidate skills and personality against role requirements

    – Fairly compensate staff based on market context and dynamics

    – Effective candidate sourcing and screening practices

    – Collaborative and cross-functional teams that allow multi-skiing, knowledge redundancy, and team camaraderie

    Training programs

    – Position staff to succeed from the start and feel confident in their ability to be effective

    – Create growth opportunities for existing staff and offer attainable career paths

    – Balance content/client knowledge with technical and operational knowledge for staff – keeping them equipped to succeed

    Keeping staff engaged

    – Benefits programs that hold value for the personal, family, and community life to staff

    – Programs that support educational and personal aspirations

    – Flexible work options that allow staff members to continue working while meeting non-work responsibilities

    – Acknowledging stressful work environments and offering mechanisms for addressing or reducing stress levels

    – Rewarding successful outcomes and contributions by individual staff members

    – Creating a sense of engagement with the account and client being served

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